Etrian Odyssey II HD review – ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes – “Etrian Odyssey II HD is a great sequel to the first game, and also the last ‘simple’ game in the series before multi-classing and other more complex game mechanics were introduced. I really like and appreciate this simplicity, as sometimes less choice can be a good thing. I do recommend playing Etrian Odyssey HD first, simply because this is a sequel to that one, and is in many ways just ‘more Etrian Odyssey’, which in my opinion a good thing, but I can somewhat understand how this middle title has fewer Steam reviews than the others, being neither the original nor the game that changed up the formula; nevertheless, I believe it’s worth playing. I think most gamers who love dungeon crawlers should probably start with Etrian Odyssey HD, but I’d encourage you not to skip this one – it’s just as much fun as the last!”