Drone footage shows Russian soldiers fleeing Ukraine, leaving behind child and rifle

Shocking drone footage showing Russian soldiers leaving a child and rifle behind as they flee from Ukraine has surfaced online.

The Russian soldiers in the clip were allegedly fleeing an area near Tokmak, the city Ukrainian troops are advancing towards in a momentous counteroffensive.

In the clip posted by X account @Visegrád 24, a child can be seen standing by the side of the road as the soldiers appear to unpack their belongings from the trunk of a car.

A green army truck later pulls up and the soldiers quickly pile in, appearing to leave the child alone with a rifle as the vehicle drives away.

It comes after Ukrainian troops managed to breach the first line of Russia’s defences in areas of the southern front.

The report claimed: “The degradation of these forces will likely weaken Russia’s ability to sustain complex defensive operations and almost certainly disrupt any Russian intent to resume offensive operations at scale.”

It added that these kinds of operations have previously relied on “elite infantry Russia now lacks”.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence has claimed that Russia will fail to hit its recruitment targets, despite rising army wages.

It said in an update on X: “It is highly likely that the salary and additional benefits are a strong incentive for personnel to join up, especially to those from the poorer areas of Russia. However, Russia is still unlikely to meet its targets for recruiting volunteers to the ranks.”

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source: express.co.uk