Murdered aid worker Chris Parry's parents arrive in Ukraine to deliver items

The family of an aid volunteer who died in Ukraine while helping rescue civilians has arrived in the country to offer support.

Chris Parry, 28, of Truro, died in January with fellow volunteer Andrew Bagshaw in an horrific incident when their car was hit by a artillery shell.

Mr Parry’s mother, father, and sister arrived in Ukraine last Saturday after starting on a convoy from Cornwall.

The organisation is giving help to support humanitarian efforts in the country, which Russia invaded in February 2022.

The family, accompanied by a four-vehicle convoy of volunteers from the organisation Driving Ukraine, is carrying medical supplies and generators to Ukraine.

Christine Parry told BBC Radio Cornwall: “Driving into Poland yesterday I did feel quite emotional because I thought ‘am I literally following the footsteps of Chris?’

“I’m constantly thinking of him and what it was like for him at the start of the war.

“It must have been complete chaos.”

She continued : “The journey has been incredible, a complete and utter whirlwind. It’s full-on, we have been driving for two full days now.”

Mr Parry and Mr Bagshaw were said to be on their way to help a woman in Soledar when her vehicle was hit by artillery shell fire.

He had spent several months rescuing those caught in the crossfire and securing their safety.

Parry’s father, Rob Parry, travelled to Ukraine in late July and has returned with his wife and their daughter, Kate.

Chris had his parents pledge not to view the Instagram profile he used to share updates about his activities and the conditions in Ukraine.

However, his sister Kate routinely monitored his social media account and watched his endeavours.

Chris asked her not to share what she read with their parents.

Mrs Parry, a retired bank worker said: “She said there was a time in October when she got particularly upset because she knew it was very, very dangerous what he was doing.

“I just feel that’s so sad for her, that she had to carry that on her own.”