I bought fish for lunch — but was horrified to discover it has ‘human’ teeth

Nothing could be more unsettling than having your food smile back at you.

A woman in the Philippines nearly lost her lunch after she bought a fish to eat, only to discover that it had teeth so “human-like” it looked like it had dentures.

“I went to the market, one of the best markets here in Bacolod City,” Maria Christina Cusi told Viral Press of her smirking seafood.

“I bought fish for our house — different kinds of fish — and I had this one fish that I took home to start cleaning,” she continued.

“But when I cut the fish I was freaked out by its human-like teeth.”

She’d reportedly purchased the bighead carp — a freshwater fish, locally called Imelda, that’s a staple of stews and other dishes throughout its native territory of East Asia — in Bacolod City on July 24.

The carp's creepy, human-like teeth.
“When I cut the fish I was freaked out by its human-like teeth,” said Maria Christina Cusi.

The carp's teeth.
Oh the carp has pretty teeth dear, and he shows them pearly white.

Unfortunately, Cusi’s dreams of a fine fish meal went out the window after she sliced open the plankton eater and discovered that it had a set of gnashers that looked just like a person’s.

“The teeth were all attached to the mouth of the fish,” recalled the woman, who pressed and poked the chompers to confirm they were part of the beast.

Accompanying footage shows the carp’s dentistry, with its teeth jutting down like a fish that had been dosed with the Joker’s laughing gas from Batman.

Concerned that the critter would be hazardous to her health, Cusi tossed the carp — which was worth around $4 — away.

The carp tooth caper has not yet been solved.

Interestingly, these largely toothless grazers do possess snack slicers called pharyngeal teeth towards their throat, and not up front like what seems to be depicted in the clip.

This isn’t the first time a fish has possessed seemingly human mandibles.

Other notable people-toothed fish include the Pacu, an invader in the US that hails from South America, the sheepshead fish, and the pufferfish, which is known for puffing up like a parade balloon when threatened.

The fish's incisors.
Cusi was so appalled she threw the fish out.

Three years ago, a triggerfish made a splash online due to its bizarre, human-like lips and teeth, which resembled an Instagram star’s filler-plumped pout.

source: nypost.com