Baldur's Gate 3 used motion capture from 248 actors to bring its NPCs to life: 'You’re not only hearing the actors' voices, but you’re also seeing their physical performances'

One thing that’s almost immediately apparent in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the quality of its character animations⁠—it’s hard to pick just one example, but Lae’zel’s freaky little head jerks as she rants about the ghaik definitely come to mind for me. It turns out, the way Larian managed that level of animation detail was with a ludicrous amount of targeted motion capture of the game’s many voice actors.

(Image credit: Aliona Baranova via Twitter)

In an August 25 Twitter thread, Baldur’s Gate 3 performance director Aliona Baranova explained that “All 248 actors, ALL the NPCs and not just the companions put on a mocap suit and their movements, gestures, and physical choices were recorded and sent along with the audio files.”