Expert claims to explain how Queen Letizia’s ‘arms became more defined’ over the years

Queen Letizia of Spain, 50, recently attended the FIFA Women’s World Cup final in Sydney and looked gorgeous in her red Hugo Boss trouser suit.

The Queen of Spain has two teenage daughters, aged 17 and 16 respectively, but that would seem unbelievable looking at Letizia.

The 50-year-old has an exceptional figure and Joanna Dase, a fitness expert from Curves, exclusively told the Queen of Spain’s likely diet and exercise routine.

She claimed: “Queen Letizia of Spain is one of the most admired European royals, specifically for her toned figure and elegant style.

“At the age of 50, she maintains an impressive and slim figure, undoubtedly influenced by her dedication to Iyengar Yoga and a healthy diet.”

The fitness expert went on to explain the definition of Iyengar Yoga and why it’s proven so great for Queen Letizia.

Ms Dase added: “Iyengar yoga is a style of yoga founded by B.K.S. Iyengar. It focuses on precise alignment and the use of props to support the body in achieving correct postures.

“This method emphasises strength, flexibility, and balance through a series of asanas (poses).

“As well as this, there is great importance placed on breathwork, body awareness and mindfulness, making it an accessible practice for all levels of fitness.

“The asanas practised in Iyengar yoga engage multiple muscle groups, including the arms, abdominal muscles, legs, back, hips, shoulders and back.”

According to the fitness expert, Queen Letizia’s muscles have become more “defined” in one area in particular.

Ms Dase explained: “Throughout the years, Queen Letizia’s arms have become defined and toned due to various poses, such as Utthita Parshvakonasana (extended side angle pose), Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward dog), and Vasisthasana (side plank pose), which target the biceps, triceps, and deltoids in Iyengar yoga.

“Her dedication to the practice has shown throughout the years, as she has built upon her impressive physique.

“By holding poses for longer durations and exploring different variations with the aid of props, Queen Letizia likely built her endurance, enhanced her flexibility, and developed greater muscular control.

“When joints are flexible and strong, your muscles move more freely, and you increase your range of motion during a full body workout.

“There are many types and styles of yoga, each with its own emphasis, approach, and benefits.

“Alongside Iyengar yoga, there is Vinyasa, Astanga, Hatha, Bikram, Yin, Kundalini, Power and Restorative Yoga.”