Majorca needs 'urgent shock plan' to prove safety for Brits after 'gang rape'

Mallorca, a beloved holiday destination for British tourists in Spain, is facing a harsh spotlight on its safety measures following an alleged gang rape that has sent shockwaves across the island.

Mallorca’s government has been slammed for “doing nothing” to assure British holidaymakers that the island is a safe destination following an alleged gang rape.

The Socialist group on Mallorca’s council says the government team must instigate a “forceful action plan against excess tourism” and the recent allegations of violations and group sexual assaults carried out by tourists which have “seriously dented Mallorca’s international reputation”.

“Measures must be applied and cross-sectional actions be carried out in all the services of the Tourism department to eradicate crimes as serious as those of last days and that inspection action be intensified in order to apply the decree of excesses,” said spokesperson Andreu Serra.

The Socialists say they have not been aware that the current government team has launched any joint operation by the Local Police, Civil Guard and tourist inspectors “as were carried out until the end of the last legislature in Magaluf and Platja de Palma areas”.

If this is the case, they want action stepped up immediately during the remainder of August.

The Socialists are demanding “a strong communication plan that can confront this news and that allows, on the one hand, to explain that Mallorca is a safe destination and, on the other, that there is zero tolerance for this behaviour.”

Police are currently investigating an allegation that eight men gang-raped an 18-year-old British girl in a Magaluf hotel on August 14.

Some of them are said to have been strangers who were “invited to join in” as they walked down the corridor near the hotel room.