Bethesda boss says he's put 150 hours into Starfield

4Sh0w8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Some will inevitably just play through 30-40hrs to just finish the story but I think most who love space games & exploration will easily put in 150+ hrs over months of coming back to do this or finish that from what I hear so far. -I wonder what will be the average gametime for Starfield, I mean it would be interesting to know a year from now just because it’s such a huge game, with so many different possibilities but that said huge does not equal interesting, so just getting upwards of about 80+ hrs will depend alot on how engaging it is to each individual player.

Either way, damm I’m excited & if it satisfies the Jr Space Explorer itch in me, I think I will definitely put in at least 150-200hrs of gametime over the next 6 months or so. lol, I’d bet quite a few of those hrs won’t even actually be *playing the game but plenty of character creation & ship building, I guess I’ll try to at least build a ugly blocky USS Enterprise myself.