Russian scientist who worked on doomed Moon mission rushed to hospital hours after crash

A Russian scientist who worked on Putin’s failed moon mission has been suddenly rushed to the hospital.

Mikhail Marov, a top astronomer, has suffered a “sharp deterioration” in his health after the Luna-25 probe smashed into the lunar surface – meaning decades of research and planning had failed.

Marov, 90, is one of the most respected physicists and astronomers in Russia, and he was reportedly a key consultant on Putin’s mission.

He had worked on previous space missions for the Soviet Union and called the Luna-25 mission the culmination of his life’s work.

Although Russia was the leading force in space exploration in the 1950s – putting the first man into orbit during the Cold War – they were quickly overtaken by the US, who put a man on the Moon in 1969.

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Marov, who was described in some reports as the mission’s scientific director, was devastated over the failed landing.

According to The Sun, Marov said: “It’s sad that we didn’t manage to land the device.

“There was a mistake in the algorithms for launching into near-lunar orbit. It must be found.

“I think the answer will be found in the foreseeable future.”

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