Russian military chiefs evacuated after Ukraine drone strike obliterates HQ

Russia was forced to evacuate several military leaders from the occupied city of Energodar after a devastating Ukranian drone strike. The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) tweeted footage of a drone strike on a building where military officials were meeting. Colonel Pavel Chesanov from the Russian Interior Ministry was among those injured and forced to evacuate to Russia.

The DIU tweeted: “In Energodar, there was an explosion at a meeting of leaders of the occupation police.”

The accompanying video shows a drone easily moving around the city of Energodar before hitting the window of the building.

Colonel Chesanov’s deputy, the head of the investigation department, and the leaders of several other local military departments were also injured.

The Ukrainian military said that “evacuation by military helicopters to the territory of the Russian Federation is planned”.

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The building, which was significantly destroyed from the 3rd to the 5th floors, had been used as a residence for the recruited soldiers.

The strike, which took place at around 9:23am on Friday, sparked chaos as the injured officials were rushed to the local hospital.

The general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces estimated that Russians lost 460 soldiers on Thursday alone, bringing their total estimate of Russians killed since the invasion to 256,510.

This comes as Russia suffered another drone attack on its capital overnight.

Military analyst Sean Bell said the attacks are not achieving a lot “tactically” but they are “sending a powerful message” to the Russians.

Mr Bell told Sky News that millions of people in Moscow will be “increasingly concerned” about the drone strikes.

He added: “People will be getting increasingly angry.”

The military analyst suggested that many in Russia will be wary about whether President Vladimir Putin can still protect them.

Moscow separately claimed it had repelled an attack on its Black Sea fleet hours before the attack on its capital.

Meanwhile, in a sign of desperation, Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called on Ukrainians to “capitulate” to the Russian army

Ms Zakharova asked the Ukrainian military to assist the Russian army and turn their weapons “against the Kyiv regime”.

She told a briefing on Friday that Ukrainians could also “simply capitulate to Russian troops”.