‘I’m a mum and I refuse to let my 15-year-old son get a job’

An Australian mother has sparked controversy online after saying she is refusing to let her teenage son get a job.

Esther Boyd, from Queensland, Australia, told Tiktok that she was refusing to let her 15-year-old son get a job.

She said her family were “comfortably middle class” and they didn’t need his additional income to survive.

Her divisive comments have sent shockwaves through social media.

She said wanted to him be a child and not worry about the stresses of being in a job when he was so young.

Esther said: “My son is at the age where everyone’s getting jobs – all his friends have one.

“But I didn’t want him to start working yet. He’s going to have a job his entire life – why start now?

“I told him to watch his friends’ lives and see what happens.

“If he wants to get work experience, he needs to go and find something he really wants to do and ask if he can follow someone around to learn.”

Esther claimed it was “insane” to tell a 15-year-old to get a job. She said: “I can fund his existence.

“He’s not getting everything handed to him on a platter, but it’s insane to tell a small child who is 15 that they should go out in the world and get a job as if they’re not going to experience that their whole life.”

Esther also joked that her son would retire when he was 100 because of the increase in average life expectancy.

She added: “We don’t even get to die young anymore, we live for a million years these days. He’s not going to retire until he’s like 100, he’s not starting at 15.”

Esther’s comments have created division online with some saying she is being short-sighted.

One person wrote: “Jobs build confidence, accountability, communication skills, and kinship with peers. Teaches you to show up but also advocate for yourself.”

Another said: “Please let him get a job, at least in the holidays. I never had a job during school, I’m 20 now and no one will hire me because I have no experience.”

While some criticised Esther, others took her side and said she was just looking out for her son and supporting him.

One person said: “I feel the same way regarding my kids. If they want to help out once in a while, cool, but live your age!”

source: express.co.uk