ASRock confirms key Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake refresh details and gives some performance info too

Intel is putting the finishing touches on its upcoming 14th Gen CPU range. As we draw closer to a launch, it’s not uncommon to get a few leaks including performance estimates, a release date or a new feature. Some leaks are more credible than others, but these come directly from ASRock. So until we come to the launch day and an announcement from Intel, this is about as official as it gets.

Perhaps the most interesting thing from ASRock’s blog post (via IT Home) is a summary of performance estimates. It says it expects single-core performance to improve by 4% to 8% and multi-core performance by 8% to 15%. These estimates are mostly in-line with what we can expect without an architectural change. These increases are going to be due to clock speed and power budget increases, and E core count increases.