Lewis Hamilton sparks FIA investigation as upset Mercedes star wants F1 rulebook changed

Lewis Hamilton has prompted an FIA investigation into the language used in F1’s rulebooks after the seven-time world champion publicly criticised the usage of male-dominated gender pronouns on inclusivity grounds.

The 38-year-old has, alongside Sebastian Vettel, led the way for change and activism in F1, using his platform to share issues close to his heart such as environmental sustainability and the fight against racism and LGBT equality.

Hamilton’s views, while seen by many to be progressive and admirable, have sparked some conversations in the F1 community and the British driver has often found himself at odds with the rulebook, whether it be for promoting politically-charged statements on the grid or his multiple jewelry-related run-ins with FIA officials.

In his latest comments, Hamilton addressed the male-dominated environment that is the FIA boardrooms. When quizzed about the absence of female or gender-neutral pronouns in the rule book, he replied: “It doesn’t surprise me. It is only men in that room and it has been since I’ve been here.

“There has not been enough importance [on changing], probably. Maybe there is another side but definitely not encouraging to hear that.”

Central to the issue in question is the use of the pronoun ‘he’ in the rulebook. While other series use the word ‘rider’ to account for both male and female drivers, the current wording still assumes that only male racers will be taking part in FIA-sanctioned events.

Fortunately for Hamilton, this issue looks to be being addressed by the FIA. Speaking to RacingNews365, an FIA spokesperson explained: “The FIA statutes are prefaced by a statement that terms referring to any person are applicable to both genders, and this topic is currently under internal review.”

F1 currently has no female drivers on the grid, although the relative successes of Jamie Chadwick and Sophie Floersch in the junior categories have helped shine a light on some of the incredible women coming through the feeder series ranks right now.

W Series, which Hamilton was a vocal supporter of, went into bankruptcy earlier this year after they were forced to cut the 2022 season short due to funding issues.

However, the rise of F1 Academy will help to fill that void and provide opportunities for female drivers to progress into Formula 3, Formula 2 and potentially even reach the top level of motorsport in F1.

source: express.co.uk