AMD to announce its new graphics cards at Gamescom

AMD is set to unveil new Radeon graphics cards during a Gamescom press conference scheduled for August 25 at 17:00 local time. Though the exact products to be announced weren’t disclosed, it’s pretty safe to say that when Scott Herkelman, the general manager of AMD’s graphics business teases “major product announcements”, we’ll be seeing the long awaited RX 7800 XT and/or RX 7700 XT.

AMD is about to fill a major gap in its lineup. Following the release of the RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT in December of 2022, things have been quiet on the Radeon front. The much cheaper RX 7600 was launched in May, but curiously, the huge gap between the two RX 7900s and RX 7600 has remained wide open. That’s all set to change.

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