‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans’ missing son found — what led to disappearance

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans’ oldest son, Jace, has been found safe Tuesday after he was reported as a runway juvenile to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department in North Carolina.

“As a boy mom, kids can act up and rebel as I’m sure the majority of us all once did as kids too,” Evans, 31, told The Post in a statement.

“Jace, got in trouble at school, we decided to take his phone away and that’s when he decided to run off, Jace is a good kid and we’re not dealing with anything that most families don’t deal with while raising children. This has absolutely nothing to do with my situation with David, we do not argue in front of our children or fight in front of our kids,” she referenced her husband, David Eason.

Evans emphasized: “This is a teenage boy being a teenager mad that we decided to take his phone away.”

Evans’ manager August Keen thanked the Brunswick Co. Sheriff’s Department for helping with the safe return of Jace to his family and loved ones.

Jenelle regained custody of Jace from her mom, Barbra, earlier this year.
Jenelle Evans/TikTok

Earlier Tuesday, the sheriff’s department posted on its Facebook page, asking the community to keep an eye out for Jace, who was last seen leaving Roger Bacon Academy in Leland, NC, around 2:45 p.m.

He was said to be wearing either a gray sweatshirt with “Classical Charter Schools of America” written on it, or a navy shirt if he shredded the top layer.

Evans celebrated Jace’s 14th birthday earlier this month in an Instagram post.

Janelle Evans instagram FILE family pics
Jenelle said Jace ran away because he was a “mad teenager” who recently got his phone taken away.

“14 YEARS OLD EVERYONE! #HappyBirthday to Jace! You’re growing into a such polite young man. I’m happy as long as you’re happy!” she captioned a photo of the mother-son duo.

Evans rose to fame while she was carrying Jace on MTV’s “16 & Pregnant” in 2009. She then starred in “Teen Mom 2” alongside Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea DeBoer.

Jenelle said Jace ran away because he was a "mad teenager" who recently got his phone taken away.
Jenelle is now married to David Eason.

Her time on TV was filled with controversies and captured her turbulent relationships with various boyfriends, as well as her mom, Barbara Evans.

Barbara was granted custody of Jace for 13 years until Jenelle regained custody of him back in March.

Jenelle Evans shares rare family photo after regaining custody of son Jace
Eason has a 15-year-old daughter of his own.

“She’s like, ‘I’m ready to have my freedom. I’m ready to go on a cruise.’ And her and her friend have a cruise already planned,” Jenelle claimed about how Barbra felt about the custody agreement in an Instagram post.

Evans has two more children: son Kaiser Orion, 9, with her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and daughter Ensley Jolie, 6, with her husband David Eason.

She is also stepmom to Eason’s daughter, Maryssa, 15.

source: nypost.com