Household area to ‘never’ clean with white vinegar – ‘cleans no better than plain water’

Kirsty Barton, digital marketing manager at Alternative Flooring, told “First and foremost, white vinegar should not be used to clean textile floor coverings.

“It is also not an effective cleaning solution for carpets, it has no detergency, so cleans no better than plain water, not to mention that long-lasting odour.

“More importantly, white vinegar can actually set acidic stains like wine, fruit juice or soda, making them nearly impossible to remove.”

While certain carpet materials may be able to handle the acidic nature of white vinegar, such as wool and nylon, others may not.

This includes natural materials like sisal and jute which are “more fragile” and according to the expert, “should never be cleaned with vinegar”.

Kirsty added: “It can easily break down these more delicate fibres and leaves a permanent, irreversible mark on your carpet, rug or runner.

“Vinegar can also destabilise alkali-dyed fabrics like cotton, which is often used in mercerised cotton rugs that have a similar appearance to silk.

“This can cause colours to run, which is also irreversible damage that cannot be fixed. Overall, simply don’t use white vinegar to clean your flooring.”

It is also not advised to use washing up liquid to clean carpets, despite popular online hacks recommending to do so, as this can cause “rapid re-soiling”.

The same goes for clothing detergent as these need to be thoroughly rinsed when used in the machine.

The expert continued: “They often contain optical brighteners that can leave your carpet discoloured when you’ve tried to remove a stain.

“Instead, always look for a seal of approval from WoolSafe or the CleanSeal Certification Mark on your carpet cleaning materials.

“Kits like Alternative’s Natural Flooring Care Kit have been tested by Woolsafe and are safe to use on delicate materials, keeping your carpets looking fresh”.

White vinegar should also be avoided on marble, granite or natural stone surfaces as well as wood furniture to avoid damage.