Too Hot to Handle season 5: Are Christine and Louis still together?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Too Hot to Handle. 

Too Hot to Handle season five is done and dusted with and Netflix subscribers are curious to know if Christine Obanor and Louis Russell continued dating once filming stopped.

The sexy couple were flirting right from the get-go with Louis initially speaking to other women before deciding he wanted to pursue things with the 26-year-old model.

There was undeniable chemistry but their connection was really put to the test when she was taken on a date by Trey and Lana briefly lifted the rules.

To Louis’ relief, Christine chose not to kiss Trey out of respect for him, not that he paid her the same dues when it came to his date with Linzy.

Once again, Lana gave the green light for the contestants to get physical and Louis accepted his date’s invite to touch her boob.

When they returned to the retreat, Louis admitted what happened and felt very remorseful for hurting Christine’s feelings.

She did go on to eventually forgive him and later proved he was dedicated to seeing if their romance could go further when he turned down walking away with $25,000 to be with her.

They sadly didn’t make it to the final but did leave the retreat with the idea of continuing to date in the outside world.

Are Too Hot to Handle season 5’s Christine and Louis still together?  

Fans were hopeful that Christine and Louis would stay together after Too Hot to Handle season five but sadly, this is not the case.

According to Marie Curie, Louis follows Christine on Instagram but she doesn’t follow him back so it appears it may not have ended well for the pair.

She also confirmed to the Daily Mail that she was single and didn’t have sex for nine months when filming for Too Hot to Handle season five ended.

Christine said: “Right now, I’m focusing on my career… I’m open to going on dates, meeting people, and seeing where it goes, but I’m very happy being single and doing my own thing.”

Both Christine and Louis have been posting pictures of themselves with other members of the Netflix cast but not with each other.

It is believed that none of the couples managed to stay together once shooting ended, unfortunately.

This includes winner Elys Hutchinson who was dating Alex Snell who decided to split due to the relationship being long-distance.

Too Hot to Handle is available to watch on Netflix.