Bear snatches golf bag from cart, drags it into the woods at Canadian course: ‘No f–king way’

That’s rough.

A sticky-clawed bear snatched a golf bag filled with clubs right off a cart and dragged the haul into the woods at a course in British Canada Monday morning, leaving onlookers shocked.

The bear bandit strolled up to the empty cart that was parked on a path between the course and a wooded area at Westwood Plateau Golf and grabbed a hold of the bag with its teeth as golfers shouted at the animal, footage posted on social media shows.

Several of the golf clubs spill out as the animal drags the bag across the road over a grassy area and into the woods, where it disappears into the greenery, according to the clip posted to X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Oh my god, holy sh-t,” the owner of the golf bag yells at the furry thief as he chases after it. “Stop it, no!”

A person off-camera laughs and exclaims: “no f–king way” as the bear jumps down the edge of the rough and into the woods below.

The golfer whose bag was snatched walks over to the edge and looks around incredulously as he raises his hands in the air, according to the footage.

“She ripped my bag to shreds,” he said. “I can’t f–king believe that.”

Bear grabs onto golf bag with teeth pulling it off cart
A bear stole a golf bag in a brazen robbery at a British Columbia course Monday morning.
Rob Johnston/Twitter

Bear pulls golf bag across pathway with mouth
The bear snatched the bag off the back of a golf cart and dragged it into the woods at Westwood Plateau Golf.
Rob Johnston/Twitter

Golfer looks over edge of lawn into woods.
The bag’s owner shouted at the bear and said his bag had been ripped to shreds.
Rob Johnston/Twitter

The videographer, Karim Lalani, told CTV News Vancouver that the brazen robbery happened on the 12th hole.

“90% of the time they just mind their own business,” he told the local outlet. “But when I saw it rip into the bag I said, ‘Okay this one’s a little bit aggressive,’ and that’s when I started backing away our cart from theirs [to] make a run for it if we have to.”

Bear sightings at the mountain-side golf course are common, but an employee told CTV News that a bear thief sighting is a new one.

Westwood Pleateau ambassador Jeff Peterson said he’d never seen anything like the wild golf-bag-snatching bear in his five years of working at the course.

“We try our best to minimize all contact with members and bears,” he added. “I know they’re not going anywhere and we’re not going anywhere and we’re just going to try and make everybody live in peace together, hopefully.”