Horoscopes today – Russell Grant's star sign forecast for Tuesday, August 1


A person in power will take over a project you are involved in. At first you will welcome this especially when they promise to pull a few strings on your behalf. As it happens they may not be as reliable as they appear and it will seem like you have overestimated their influence.


Your partner or a housemate is cooking up some plans to make changes. You can sense what they are up to even though they have not yet mentioned their intentions. They know how reluctant you are to move away from the familiar and that’s why they are waiting for the right moment to reveal their ideas.


You’re likely to pick up more information from other people if you watch their facial expressions and their actions rather than listening to their words. You could discover someone knows something that could be extremely useful to you. This could lead to an intriguing situation.


You know it will be a struggle for you if you take on a challenge but once you agree to this, you will be determined to succeed. Keep telling yourself that it doesn’t matter how many stumbling blocks lie in your path, you will find a way to overcome these and it will be alright in the end.


An online conversation will leave you with a lot to think about. You have a number of questions on your mind including what, where, how and when? You may not find out all the answers but you will look further into this further. An evening gathering will be delightful.


A joint achievement will not be insignificant. You played an important part in bringing this about. Accept praise with grace as it will be sincerely given. You should realise by now that your talents are impressive. Your confidence will shine in a test, interview or audition.


You will not get very far by just waiting around hoping that good things will eventually happen to you. You can improve your life by creating your own opportunities. If life isn’t going fast enough for you, think about what you can do to make your world more interesting and take action now.


Life would get very boring if every day was the same as the one previously. An unexpected situation that occurs will add a little excitement to your life. By this evening you will want to take a breather to think back on and assess all that has happened.


You seem to be attracting luck your way. Friends will openly wonder how all the best things seem to be happening to you. It is your confidence in yourself and your ability to turn dreams into reality that gets results. Keep moving in the right direction.


You aren’t sure how you feel about an issue that crops up today. To get the best out of this sudden set of circumstances you may have to look at it from a few different angles. It doesn’t make any sense to continue with methods that are no longer working. A different approach could make a huge difference.


It can feel as if for every step forward you take two paces in a backward direction. Be patient with yourself and others who seem to be standing in your way. It may be necessary to pause and reconsider a recent decision. Something is telling you that you have made a mistake.


It’s pretty clear to you why a rival is doing their utmost to make life awkward for you. They want you to use up your energy in dealing with problematic situations as this will prevent you from moving forward. You can continue by ignoring them completely. Focus on your own path instead.

source: express.co.uk