Four common items that ‘should not’ be put in an oven as they can ‘pose a hazard’

When it comes to cooking, the oven is a great tool to use. However, there are some things that households should never put in the appliance.

Before putting a plate in an oven, it is important to check that the crockery is oven-safe. 

Older plates or plates with adhesive designs are often “not oven safe” and “can pose as a hazard” placed in high temperatures, warned the experts at Beko. 

Fortunately, most modern manufacturers label their plates, outlining whether their plates are safe to be used in ovens.

To avoid a disaster in the kitchen the experts at Beko have shared what “should not” be put in an oven.

1. Plastics 

Plastic quickly melts at high temperatures. It’s important to avoid putting plastic in the oven, as this could cause a fire and release dangerous toxins into the home. 

The experts claimed that while some plastics may be able to withstand heat, they can be difficult to identify.

Even if the plastic doesn’t melt creating an oven disaster, it can leech harmful chemicals into food as it heats up.

2. Wood 

The experts urged: “Don’t use wood in an oven.” This is because a wooden item is “likely to warp”.

Plus, if the item contains glue, households will likely get splits along the glue lines.

3. A plate without an oven-safe symbol

The oven-safe symbol is a small icon typically found on the bottom of cookware or bakeware, indicating that the item is safe to use in the oven. 

The symbol often consists of a square with additional details, such as a temperature range or an image of an oven.

The experts urged: “If a plate does not feature the oven-safe symbol, we suggest not using it in your oven.

“Ultimately, it is safer to be cautious when selecting crockery to use in your oven.”

4. Cardboard and paper 

It is important to “avoid” putting cardboard and paper into an oven. Even if the oven is set to its lowest temperature, putting cardboard into an oven “increases the risk of fire”.

There are some exceptions, such as cooking paper, which is made specifically for high-heat cooking.

For those who are not sure whether or not a paper product is safe to use in the oven, it’s best to avoid it altogether.