Robert Chambers, NYC’s ‘Preppy Killer,’ is released after 15 years in prison on drug charges

NEW YORK — Robert Chambers, better known to some as the “Preppy Killer,” was released after spending 15 years in prison for drug and assault charges, according to state records.

Chambers spent a similar amount of time in prison after pleading guilty to strangling Jennifer Levin in New York City’s Central Park during the summer of 1986.

Chambers entered the plea to killing 18-year-old Levin as part of a deal when a jury could not reach a decision after nine days of deliberations.

He was released in 2003 for that crime but again ran afoul of the law soon after.

He was again arrested in 2007 for selling drugs out of his apartment. He was sentenced to 19 years in prison but was released Tuesday — four years early — from the Shawangunk Correctional Facility in New York, according to online inmate records maintained by the New York Department of Corrections.

Chambers, now 56, will remain under supervision for up to five years, records show.