Nico Rosberg responds to McLaren banning him from team's Belgian Grand Prix garage

“I post, like, on race weekends, I post a picture in the pit lane with a car or something, and that car has gone pretty poorly. So, I need to be careful with that in the future“. So the back of the back story here is that on Saturday I posted Max’s car, and of course he lost the qualifying.

“And then on Sunday I was like, ‘go Mercedes,’ and I posted Lewis’ car and that went completely wrong. So that’s the backstory behind this. That’s why I need to hit the pause button. I’m not doing that anymore.”

The unpredictable conditions at Spa have been described as “perfect” for McLaren by Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle, prompting them to take strong action to prevent any ‘curse’ although will be keeping an eye on Rosberg’s whereabouts throughout the weekend.