Union boss behind hundreds of cancelled flights brazenly enjoys holidays across globe

In a series of unfortunate events for holidaymakers this summer, Ricardo Penarróias, a prominent Portuguese union leader, has come under fire for his extravagant globetrotting and beer-swilling antics.

As the head of the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel, Penarróias has been incessantly sharing online snapshots of himself indulging in pints of beer at exotic holiday hotspots worldwide.

However, his unapologetic behaviour has left little reason for British vacationers to raise their glasses in celebration, especially after his union was held responsible for a whopping 350 flight cancellations by EasyJet just last week.

Penarróias, known for his fiery personality and fervent demands, has unabashedly announced his third strike of the year, attempting to negotiate a new labor deal spanning an extensive period from 2023 to 2035.

Unfortunately, his brazen industrial action has resulted in the axe falling on hundreds of flights to and from popular Portuguese destinations such as Lisbon, Porto, and Faro.

Shockingly, these cancellations represent a staggering 69 per cent of all flights originally scheduled, plunging countless travellers into a state of frustration and disappointment.

The union’s statement on the matter expressed a clear stance: “We will not accept the company continuing to perpetuate its regime of maximum profitability and minimum wages.

“The strike could have been avoided if the company wanted to.”

However, many are finding it difficult to reconcile Penarróias’ resolute stance against the airline’s practices with his own lavish travel escapades.

Photographic evidence has emerged of Penarróias gleefully engaging in revelry, whether it be sporting a distinctive pointed hat while triumphantly clutching four jugs of beer at Munich’s renowned Oktoberfest, or leisurely sipping from a glass in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Boston, New York, Miami, and Barcelona.

The bearded and tattooed union baron has even been captured in an exuberant snapshot alongside Portuguese soccer boss, Jose Mourinho, further adding to the intrigue surrounding his controversial persona.

As holidaymakers grapple with disrupted travel plans and mounting frustrations, questions continue to swirl around Penarróias’ true motivations and the potential impact of his striking actions. While some argue that his extravagant lifestyle compromises his credibility as a union leader, others are left wondering if this self-proclaimed firebrand can truly advocate for workers’ rights while enjoying the luxuries of global travel.

As the summer holiday season unfolds, the clash between Penarróias’ personal pleasures and the travel woes experienced by millions remains a contentious issue, leaving travelers and industry observers eagerly awaiting further developments in this ongoing saga.

source: express.co.uk