22-year-old castle sim Stronghold is getting a definitive remaster

If you have fond memories of filling your walls with archers and defending against overwhelming odds, or perhaps of baking hundreds of loaves of bread despite constant raids on your village from four particularly annoying Mongolians, you’ll be pleased to learn that Stronghold, the classic castle sim from 2001, is being remastered.

While there was an HD version of Stronghold released in 2013 complete with cloud saves, higher resolutions, embiggened unit caps, and other tweaks, this will be a more dramatic update. Stronghold: Definitive Edition is adding a 14-mission narrative campaign in which players “march across the devastated English hinterland in search of Sir Longarm’s captured kin,” as well as a 10-mission Castle Trail based around famous castles of history including Warwick, Dunnottar, and Marksburg. 

source: gamezpot.com