Today's Wordle hint and answer #754: Thursday, July 13

Keep your Wordle win streak heading in the right direction no matter what—just click yourself over to today’s answer. Or if you’d rather have a little help, you’ll find a clue for the July 13 (754) game waiting below, as well as plenty of tips and useful advice to help you figure out the solution to today’s puzzle.

The joy of uncovering a healthy string of greens early on was balanced out by the sheer number of potentially valid words they led to. Should I tactically “waste” a few goes trying to eliminate as many letters as possible, or should I stumble upon today’s Wordle answer on my next go, like the luckiest person in the world? It wasn’t a clever win, but hey—it still counts.

Today’s Wordle hint

(Image credit: Josh Wardle)

A Wordle hint for Thursday, July 13