British tourists issued warning ‘don’t pack rings on holiday’

Taking jewellery on holiday is always a risk and many tourists opt to pack costume pieces rather than valuables.

A jewellery expert and managing director at Clogau, has also warned tourists not to wear rings on a summer holiday.

Ben Roberts said: “If you’re travelling abroad this summer, more often than not, it will be a much hotter destination than the UK and many of us forget the effects the hot weather has on our bodies.

“Our fingers can swell quite significantly when it gets hotter, making it almost impossible to wear rings.”

Ben recommends swapping rings for other statement jewellery such as bracelets, bangles or bands.

The jewellery expert added: “Taking a snap on your phone or making a list of all the jewellery you decide to pack for your trip is essential for security reasons.

“Sometimes down to pure bad luck, our luggage can be misplaced or even be rummaged through by others!

“Making sure you know what you’ve packed is a great receipt to have in case the worst happens with your luggage.”

Tourists should try to take a photo of everything in their luggage so they know if anything has gone missing.

It’s a good idea to keep any valuables in hand luggage in case any checked bags go missing.

A tangled jewellery chain can be a huge annoyance on holiday and Ben recommended threading any necklaces with long chains through a straw.

He added: “Going through security can be a rushed and stressful process. Every airport is different but in most cases you will be asked to remove the majority of your jewellery, shoes or accessories.”

Ben recommends wearing easily removable items to make the security process simple and easy.

Security staff will usually clarify which items need to be removed for the scanners but this could slow down the process.