Zara Tindall is ‘a very tactile woman’ with a ‘similar character to Kate’, expert claims

Kate, Princess of Wales, 41, and Zara Tindall, 42, both married their respective husbands in 2011 and share a lot of similarities, according to body language expert Darren Stanton.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren examined some Royal Family members, concentrating on their growth over time.

According to Darren, the Olympic equestrian Zara is “a very tactile woman” with a lot of similarities in character to Kate.

The only daughter of Princess Anne is married to the former professional rugby player Mike Tindall and lives in Gloucestershire with their three children.

In 2014, Zara gave birth to her first child Mia, followed by Lena in 2018 and Lucas in 2021.

This was a very similar trajectory to Princess Kate, who also married her husband Prince William in 2011 and had children at a similar time.

But the body language expert also argues that Zara has a lot of similarities to her mother, the Princess Royal.

Darren claimed: “Zara Tindall has a lot of her mother’s traits. Whether she’s going to Ascot or other official events where royals are visiting, Zara will always display a really authentic smile and looks like she’s genuinely pleased to be there.”

But Zara’s overall body language is “tactile”, just like the Princess of Wales.

Darren added: “She’s a very tactile woman just like Kate, so she will often be seen holding hands with her husband Mike Tindall, hugging him and kissing him in public.”

The body language expert opened up about the “main trait” shared by Zara and Kate, who often appear together at Royal Ascot and religious occasions like Christmas and Easter services.

Darren opined: “Generally what you see is what you get with Zara. You certainly do see a lot of similarity in character traits and gestures between Zara and Kate, with their authenticity the main trait they share.”

Zara was born into the Royal Family, unlike Kate who married the Prince of Wales in 2011.

Darren explained that Kate has grown in confidence over the last 12 years: “In the last few years, Kate has become so much more confident as an individual person.

“Back in the day, she never used to stay at events for long when she was on her own – she was pretty quiet and introverted. But now, we see her attending events on her own.

“She’ll get out of the vehicle with a bodyguard and she’ll strut around with a confident posture. She has lots of great eye contact as well, which people have said is like the late Queen because she had fantastic eye contact.

“Kate carries around her own forcefield. She also makes lots of open palm gestures, where she shows the flats of her hands, which again is a sign of credibility. This is because showing or opening your hands is linked to authenticity and truthfulness.”