Wimbledon LIVE: Fans advised to stay at home as queueing supporters left seething

Ramped up security at Wimbledon has seen guards confiscating unusual items, including sun cream, from fans, according to The Telegraph.

The possibility of a court invasion protest has been a hot topic leading up to the tournament, and organisers have taken drastic measures to keep the chances to a minimum.

Visitors to the All England Club now have to go through ‘airport-style’ security as police search for paint and coloured powders.

A range of other items have also been added to the official banned list, which already included large national flags, political slogans and flares.

Now, security are also on the lookout for chalk dust, powder substances, cable ties, glue, chains and padlocks. Guards were also reportedly seen confiscating deodorant, metal water bottles and even sun cream.


source: express.co.uk