Robert Irwin ‘flustered’ by sex admission during interview about koalas: ‘I wasn’t ready for that’

What happens when the most G-rated Australian export does an interview with a comedian, known for their crude, British sense of humor?

A lot of blushing, that’s what. 

Psst: It’s Robert Irwin, by the way – aka the most wholesome  bloke to ever exist.

The wildlife warrior, 19, was left “flustered” during a seemingly harmless interview with comedian Russell Howard.

It was meant to be a serious chat about the biggest threat to koalas, but it was quickly derailed after Howard made a cheeky X-rated remark.

Koalas face a significant threat from the bacterial infection Chlamydia.

Robert Irwin.
Robert Irwin was meant to be having a serious chat with comedian Russell Howard.
Rober Irwin.
Howard’s joke caught the wildlife expert off guard.

This sexually transmitted disease not only results in conjunctivitis but can also lead to blindness, bladder infections, and infertility, posing serious risks to their health and reproductive capabilities.

In the clip, Irwin explains to Howard, “Unfortunately, the biggest threat to koalas now is Chlamydia.”

“Koala chlamydia is rife…” he continues, but Howard chimes in saying, “Luckily, I’m wearing a condom.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he adds, looking down at the koala he’s holding in his arms.

He continues, “I bagged up before the shot. Do you know what I mean? I thought it’s safer for you, it’s safer for the koala.”

Russell Howard.
Howard joked about wearing a condom while holding a koala.

Russel Howard.
Koalas face a significant threat from Chlamydia.

Irwin looks completely caught off guard by the joke and covers his face while blushing.

“I wasn’t ready for that,” he laughs. 

“Well, that’s good… moving on… I’m flustered now,” Irwin says. 

The comedian shared the clip to his TikTok and it now has over 11 million views. 

He captioned it: “I flustered Robert Irwin.”

Rober Irwin.
The joke resulted in a blushing Irwin.

“Bless his wee innocent soul,” one person commented.

Another wrote: “Awww, precious Robert had his feet knocked out from under him.”

A third said: “So pure!”

It comes after the celebrity conservationist attracted a lot of attention from his female fans after he posted a selfie on Instagram.

The snap shows Irwin smiling with his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Piggy.

“Awwww my future husband is so cute y’all,” one fan joked.

Another girl said: “Robert, you’re so fine,” while someone else added that he was “So cute.”

“Robert, you’re so handsome. Want to go on a date?” a fourth asked. 

But the influx of attention will go unreciprocated, as Irwin apparently has “engagement plans” with girlfriend Rorie Buckley, 18.

Irwin, who has dated Buckley long-distance for less than a year, is reportedly planning to pop the question soon, according to New Idea. 

Rorie Buckley and Robert Irwin attend the Australian premiere of "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One" on July 3.
Robert Irwin and girlfriend Rorie Buckley attend the Australian premiere of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” on July 3.

“Robert might be young, but he knows he’s found something special in Rorie and he’s already dreaming about spending the rest of his life with her,” says a source.

“He sees them having a future together –he wouldn’t be dating her if he wasn’t.”