Lando Norris robbed again with 'expensive' items stolen after £144k watch theft

Lando Norris has fallen victim to yet another robbery after revealing that some ‘expensive’ items were stolen from his holiday villa in Marbella. This marks the second time the Brit has been targeted by thieves in the space of two years after he had his £144,000 luxury Richard Mille watch stolen following the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy in July 2021.

The 23-year-old is understood to have been on holiday in the south of Spain for three days when his house was raided. Speaking to assembled media ahead of this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, he said: “We were out for dinner and our place got robbed.

“A mixture of many things were stolen. Some were expensive and some were not so expensive. It is still an ongoing investigation so I cannot say too much.”

Norris was reportedly on holiday with a group of friends, including social media influencer Jennie Dimova. Posting to TikTok, she said: “If you are wondering why I look like that it is because our villa got robbed and everything I have ever owned – my clothes, my shoes, my bags, my jewellery – everything has been taken – and I am left with literally nothing. I cried for two hours but what can I do?”

This comes after the McLaren F1 star was accosted by two men after witnessing England miss out on European glory at Wembley Stadium in July 2021. Norris was returning to his sports car after the final whistle when he was put in a headlock before the designer wrist piece was snatched.

In a statement to the police, he recalled: “After attending Wembley Stadium I was speaking to members of the public and noticed Suspect One and Suspect Two walk around my car, while I was talking to other people. I noticed them looking at my car and myself and the first one was keeping his head down and had his right hand near his pocket.

“Suspect One slowly approached me and asked me: ‘Is this your car?’ I don’t recall exactly what happened, but Suspect One then went behind me and put his right arm around my neck and his left arm under my back. Suspect One pulled me into him and pulled me back on my neck, meaning I was facing the sky and I couldn’t see him at this point.

“Suspect One told Suspect Two to grab my watch. He shouted multiple times: ‘Grab the watch’. Suspect One was holding me the whole time and Suspect Two was trying to grab the watch. He struggled for a while and then used force to pull the watch off, leaving scratches on my arm.

“When Suspect One had his arm around my neck Suspect Two managed to get the watch off my left wrist and they ran through the pedestrian walkway to Rutherford Way. From there I do not know where they went. My view was blocked.”