British Appeal Tribunal Rejects CMA's Motion to Stall Microsoft & Activision Deal Hearing

4Sh0w40m ago(Edited 33m ago)

“The CMA argued that it has not managed to find legal counsel with previous experience in this matter.”

-Hold on so the CMA is the one who bought this suit against Microsoft to block the deal and remember their focus is on cloud gaming but they don’t even have experienced legal counsel that knows how to make a case to block it, so who advised them to do it? lmfao, you can’t make this sfuff up.

“The tribunal has “carefully considered” the CMA’s application overnight and has rejected it. The order mentions that the CMA had ample time to predict that an appeal would come, and has “not paid sufficient heed to the true public interest in this case”

-In other words CMA was stalling the whole time because they have no case, now they acting like they need Peter Benenson, wth? Even the Tribunal can smell their BS, and ultimately said they aren’t looking out for the public interest, again you just can’t make this stuff up, really bad look for the CMA.