Religious leaders given psilocybin say they "felt God"

Kamal Abu-Shamsieh, PhD - Muslim: Jaime Clark-Soles - Christian Baptist Rabbi Zac Kamenetz - Jewish, founded Shefa: Don Lattin - moderator: A panel discussion at Psychedelic Science 2023, a conference held in Denver, Colorado in June 2023

Participants at a session about the study of religious leaders on psilocybin, including Kamal Abu-Shamsieh, Jaime Clark-Soles, Rabbi Zac Kamenetz and Don Lattin

Psychedelic Science 2023

After taking psilocybin, religious leaders report that the experience brought them closer to God or the divine, reinvigorated the practice of their faith and increased their receptiveness to other religions.

“I felt God the whole time,” said a Muslim imam who was part of a study presented at a conference on psychedelics in Denver, Colorado, on 22 June. “God says in the Quran that ‘I am so close …