Rumer Willis Recalls Breaking Her Own Water While Giving Birth

“We had four hands under there, under the birth stool,” Rumer added. “I’m going, ‘Give me the baby. Give the baby. But then, as soon as they untangled her, she was in my arms.”

It was, Rumer said, “the most ecstatic, joyful moment of my entire life.”

“I just started sobbing with joy,” the daughter of Bruce Willis said. “I have some of the most beautiful photographs of it of just me looking at her, and looking at my sisters, and looking at my mom and my mom holding me.”

Although Rumer didn’t realize it in the moment, she was told afterward that she looked at Louetta and said, “I missed you so much.”

“I thought that was so sweet because it truly was like this moment of, ‘Oh, yes! We’re back together,'” Rumer said. “It’s like, ‘Oh, yes. This person who I’ve known and I’ve been waiting for forever, here you are.'”