Simon Rimmer addresses 'ups and downs' amid rare insight into his marriage with wife

Sunday Brunch star Simon Rimmer frequently updates his 172,000 Instagram followers about his exploits with his daughter, who hosts

However, he rarely posts about his wife and on the whole keeps her out of the spotlight.

The couple, who met when they were both waiting tables, have been married since 1996 and have two children, Flo and Hamish.

imon has admitted in the past that “like most people we have our ups and we have our downs.”

The couple hith Simon citing “communication” as key.

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“Communication is so important – to be open and honest with someone about your feelings is just so important.

“And we have managed to stay strong and committed throughout all of the things we have been through,” he has said in an interview with Mind Map in 2018.

He continued: “On a personal level, I am very happy and fortunate to have the family I do.

“My wife is my rock and my partner in life and we have marvellous children who I am so proud of.”

In 2017 the couple celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary with a trip to Dublin.

That same year Simon appeared on Strictly Come Dancing partnered with Karen Clifton.

Ali supported him on the show and seemingly was not in the least worried about the “Strictly curse”.

At the time Simon told Huffington Post: “One of our friends said to her the other week, ‘Are you not worried about the Strictly curse?’

“And she said, ‘Hold on. Let me get this straight. So you’re saying a really, really attractive, young, professional dancer is going to be attracted to my lumbering 54-year-old husband who can’t dance? No, I’m not worried.’

She said it without even a beat, not even a second, where there was that trepidation in her voice.”

Ali is a former chef and Simon has also admitted that they split the cooking at home.

“We both do the cooking. My wife used to be a chef and we both love it.”

“Cooking at home is very different to cooking in restaurants,” he admitted.

“Everything is perfect, everything’s got to be the same [at the restaurant]. Cooking at home is far more relaxed.

“At home you tend to cook far more on masse and everyone helps themselves,” he revealed.