Linda Robson: 'I want my kids to put a pillow over my face if diagnosed with dementia'

Loose Women star Linda Robson has revealed she wants her children to end her life if she is diagnosed with dementia, saying: “I want them to put a pillow over my face.”

The actress, 65, who saw her late mother Rita struggle with the disease, said it was “evil”. Rita died in 2012 aged 75 after also suffering stomach cancer.

Former Birds of a Feather star Linda said she held a meeting about the subject with producers of Loose Women before a broadcast and told them she wanted her children “to put a pillow over my face and they said ‘You can’t say that on TV’.”

The mother of three added: “That’s what I feel like. That’s my biggest fear – dementia. Some of my friends’ mums have died of it, my mum died of it. She went down to five stone. She was Catholic Irish and she would have been traumatised if she knew she was having bed baths.”

But Londoner Linda will not get tested for the disease, insisting: “I would rather not know if I had it.”

She said her mother “would forget she’d cooked a chicken and then she’d be making lamb chops so I’d be like ‘There’s chicken in the oven’.”

However, Linda would not consider an assisted suicide such as the Dignitas service in Switzerland.

She said: “I told my kids – put me in a home. You hear of horror stories of people in old people’s homes so it’s always best to make sure your relatives are ok.”

The actress also spoke about reducing the stigma surrounding medical cannabis. She first explored the subject in 2017 ITV show Gone To Pot, where she travelled with stars including EastEnder Pam St Clement to the US to investigate legal cannabis.

Since then she has teamed up with cannabis e-clinic Releaf, which promotes its benefits. She said: “When I was younger I remember having a puff of a joint. Recreationally I don’t enjoy it but medicinally I think it’s amazing.”

She added: “What they are selling on street corners is not what they are making in the labs. If someone tells me that someone in their family isn’t well, I tell them they should try to get some medicinal cannabis.”

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