‘I’m so fed up of my neighbour and his odd behaviour every day at 5am’

You can’t choose your neighbours, but for most, a kind elderly couple living next door is seen as a blessing, but not for one lady. 

Taking to Mumsnet to vent about her situation, Silky12 explained how she lived in a “small cul de sac”. 

Her house was the “end” with “houses either side” meaning her “bedroom window is level with the driveway and garden of one of our neighbours”. 

The neighbour is an “older couple and although we don’t know them well they are very nice and we’ve helped each other out with small things in the past”. 

Recently, however, the gentleman is “driving me mad”. She noted his early starts and chores he likes to get done before sunrise. 

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“He is up every morning between 0530-0545 filling up his watering can (surprisingly loud when water hits a plastic echo chamber), unlocking his car (loud beep), slamming his car door, talking to his dog, taking bins out etc. 

“He’s in his 80’s so it’s not like he needs to get things done before going to work. 

“I know this is the price you pay for neighbours but it’s just so early and I’m so fed up!”

The post got many responses, offering lots of advice to resolve the situation. 

One suggested: “I think you could very nicely ask him if he could delay it to, say, 8 am. Be all smiles? They sound very sweet so hopefully would oblige.” 

A second wrote: “I’m sure a lot of people on here will find excuses for his behaviour but that is very odd to fill up a watering can at 5:45am! And I don’t think it would be unfair of you to say to him that it’s loud and it’s waking you up early.”  

Someone asked: “Can you ask him if he’d mind filling up the watering can the night before?”

Another said: “He probably needs a lot more than one can. How about asking him to use a hose pipe instead? And disable the car bleeps?” 

source: express.co.uk