Blizzard dev claims he was fired for writing loot goblin that made fun of corporate greed

Though treasure goblins started as a Diablo thing, they’ve had a couple of cameos in World of Warcraft, showing up during the Diablo 20th anniversary world event back in 2017 and then as “loot specialists” added in a Dragonflight patch earlier this year. The idea’s always the same: they drop treasure if defeated, but only if you catch them before they escape via magic portal. What made loot specialists different was that they had a lore-appropriate reason for their very videogame behavior, being members of the Venture Co. acquisitions department—a goblin trade cartel that’s been used to parody corporate malfeasance since World of Warcraft’s early days.

When Eric Covington on the World of Warcraft quest team wrote the loot specialists, he gave them lines like “Another record quarter for revenue!” and “No profit sharing!” without thinking much of it. Until he was fired out of the blue, despite having worked at Blizzard for almost nine years.