Dermot and Alison mortified as Josie cries 'my bra fell off' in This Morning outfit mishap

Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond were presenting live from the This Morning studios while Josie Gibson reported from Mermaid Cove in Worcestershire.

Following the release of Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, Josie was meeting “real-life mermaids” to see if she had what it took for the aquatic lifestyle.

Alison teed up the segment as she told ITV viewers: “You might be familiar with The Little Mermaid but did you know we also have our very own resident Little Mermaid here at This Morning?”

Dermot then chipped in: “Josie has traded her legs in for a tail this morning. Hello, Josie!”

Josie was then shown in a mermaid outfit bathing by the side of a pool but struggled to move around in the tight-fitting costume.

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As Josie struggled to move during the chat, she quipped: “Dermot and Alison, I’m beginning to realise why Ariel wanted legs, it’s quite tricky to get on.

“But Lisa here is doing the finishing touches to my fin,” she continued. “We’ve got Sophia -“

But Josie was quickly interrupted by the sound of the plastic shell which she’d placed on her breast falling off and clattering on the floor.

“Oh, no!” Josie yelled out before she laughed and said: “My shell fell off!”

Dermot held his hand over his mouth while a dumbfounded Alison looked around and asked: “What’s that?! What was it?”

“That was my bra,” Josie replied. “My bra fell off.”

At this point, Dermot held his head in his hands while Alison covered her face in disbelief at the awkward wardrobe mishap.

Josie powered on through though by introducing the rest of the “mermaids” around her, saying: “They’re going to be teaching me how to be a real-life mermaid today.

“And I’m even going to get my qualifications so let’s get down, where it’s wetter,” she said as she began to sing.

Poking fun at her co-star Alison yelled: “Keep your shells on, that’s all I’m gonna say to you. Keep them shells on.”

While Dermot was keen to revisit the wardrobe mishap as he said: “It was a blink and you’ll miss it moment, can we see that again?

“There we go,” he said as the show replayed the moment.”It was a little lob off. Don’t worry, Josie.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.