How to Sign Up for Google Search Labs And Access New AI-Driven Search Tools

Among the more notable announcements from Google I/O, the search giant’s annual developer conference, was the news that the public could now test out its new AI-driven search tools, which are being housed on Search Labs.

“Every year in Search, we do hundreds of thousands of quality tests and experiments to figure out how to make Google more helpful for you,” Google Product Management Director David Gasca said in a statement. “Many of these ideas don’t pan out, but some do, and it’s through experimentation that Search gets better.

The first slate of Search Lab experiments includes Search Generative Experience, which is meant to use AI to make search results smarter and more responsive, whether you’re researching information, products or places to visit.

“You’ll be able to quickly make sense of information with an AI-powered snapshot, pointers to explore more and natural ways to ask,” Google said in a release.

Other offerings include Add to Sheets, which is designed to help users insert results directly into shared spreadsheets, and Code Tips, which can answer questions about Java, Python and other computer languages.

“Your feedback will help us understand what’s most helpful to make Search better for everyone, and where we might need to make some adjustments,” Gasca added.  

For now, the Search Lab is only available in the US and only in English. To try out its AI-driven features, sign up for the Search Labs waiting list.


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