Hunt for gunman after at least eight people killed in drive-by shooting in Serbia

Police are hunting a 21-year-old man after at least eight people were killed and a further 10 injured in a drive-by shooting.

Serbian state TV reported that the shooting occurred south of Belgrade on Thursday night (May 4), with the gunman using an automatic weapon to shoot randomly at people near the town of Mladenovac, 30 miles south of the capital.

Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) reported that police were looking for the 21-year-old suspect, who fled after the attack.

RTS reported special units were involved in the search operation for the suspect and the minister of police, Bratislav Gasic, was treating the shooting as a terrorist attack.

On Wednesday in Belgrade, a 13-year-old boy used his father’s guns in a school shooting rampage that killed eight of his schoolmates and a school guard.

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The bloodshed sent shockwaves through the Balkan nation. Dozens of Serbian students, many wearing black and carrying flowers, paid silent homage on Thursday to peers killed a day earlier.

The students filled the streets around the school in central Belgrade as they streamed in from all over the city.

Earlier, thousands had lined up to lay flowers, light candles and leave toys to commemorate the eight children and a school guard who were killed on Wednesday morning.

The tragedy sparked a debate about the general state of the nation following decades of crises and conflicts which has created a state of permanent insecurity and instability, along with deep political divisions.

Authorities on Thursday moved to boost gun control, as police urged citizens to lock up their guns and keep them safe, away from children.