Razer makes sunglasses now, and no, they don't have RGB lighting

Razer is a brand well-known for RGB-lit gaming peripherals. While certainly flashy, it does make some pretty great gear, topping several of our best of lists—including best gaming mouse (opens in new tab) and best gaming mouse pad (opens in new tab). But Razer is also a brand known for making some of the weirder stuff in gaming, like the Razer Zephyr RGB face mask (opens in new tab), and now a pair of sunglasses.

The glasses are a collaboration with Retrosuperfuture (opens in new tab), an Italian brand that focuses on out-of-the-box eyewear. Retrosuperfuture’s designs range from your normal sunglasses up to wild stuff that would look right at home in a sci-fi rave. This collaboration has been named Razersuperfuture, and will be available exclusively on the Razer (opens in new tab) and Retrosuperfuture (opens in new tab) stores.

source: gamezpot.com