Kate will 'add sparkle' to Coronation outfit with Diana's 'iconic heirloom', expert claims

It has already been announced that Queen Camilla will wear Queen Mary’s crown for the Coronation, but Ben has predicted some other jewels for the Queen Consort.

He opined: “For the soon-to-be crowned Queen Camilla, her jewels will be seen by millions across the world and will be highly significant.

“For the first time in history, an existing crown will be used in the coronation of Camilla as Queen. The crown that will be used is that of Queen Mary’s, which is adorned with incredible diamonds.

“Alongside this historic crown, the Coronation necklace worn by four Queens – Alexandra, Mary, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II at their Coronations – would be a stunning choice for Camilla.

source: express.co.uk