Peter Pan & Wendy star says he’s ‘all right’ after brutal accident left him in wheelchair

The up-and-coming child actors of Peter Pan & Wendy prove their worth throughout the film not only through their stellar performances holding up against Hollywood stars like Jim Gaffigan.

The child stars also did all of their own stunts but, shockingly, this isn’t how Bellweather actor Felix De Sousa ended up in a wheelchair during filming.

Despite doing death-defying sword fights with pirates on a daily basis, the 13-year-old explained to that a simple pencil caused his most brutal injury in production.

The actor shared: “It was late and we came home from set and I had a brother who was staying with me.

“He left a pencil inside the couch and I dove onto the couch and the pencil went straight into my knee.

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“I had to go to the hospital and get it removed and get a splint. I was in a wheelchair for a little bit.”

The actor admits he “got lucky” as most of the time he was wheelchair-bound while they filmed scenes where the Lost Boys are mostly sat down.

Felix also reassured fans “it’s alright now”, flexing his leg to and fro on the green carpet.

Alexander Molony, 16, who plays the titular Peter Pan, and his Wendy co-star Ever Anderson, 15, also suffered a few bumps and bruises during the filming process.

The pair revealed to media at the premiere that “there were many embarrassing moments” during the fight scenes, with Alexander pointing out that Skull Rock sequences saw countless stumbles and falls as the actors ended up largely relying on their wires and harnesses to catch them.

The breakout star certainly seemed to be the ringleader of tomfoolery both on and off camera, revealing himself as the mastermind behind one of the “number of pranks” going on during filming.

He shared: “I put a sign on one of the coffee machines saying, ‘Voice activated’.

“The whole day you just heard people shouting, ‘Tea please!’ It was hilarious!”

Peter Pan & Wendy is released on Disney+ on April 28.