Circle Back on TikToker Corporate Natalie's Advice Before Your Review

Advocating for yourself at work is serious business, and TikTok’s Corporate Natalie is here to help you get the job done.

So before your next performance review, consider the social media star’s advice on knowing your worth.

“It’s incredibly important,” Natalie explained of her stance in an exclusive interview with E! News. “I think if you’re doing the right things to make yourself indispensable on your team and you know that you are providing something, that you’re not replaceable. I’ve said before being a single point of failure. You’re someone that if you left, the company would hurt. You are providing something to your team, your job, your company overall that’s truly irreplaceable.”

When you demonstrate this, she noted, “You’re able to show that you’re doing more and you’re worth more and build that package.” Another one of Natalie’s recommendations? Make a record of all your contributions.

“We do so many different things,” she continued. “You wear so many hats. You get lost in all the day-to-day tasks that if you’re not tracking it and kind of building your story every day that goes by, you lose track of the actual impact that you’re doing. So, I always say track your performance so that you’re able to, when your performance review comes up, show like, ‘Hey, I did X, Y, Z. This was the impact I had.'”