Bleach can ‘turn bed sheets yellow’ – 3 ‘household essentials’ to ‘instantly whiten’ them

There’s nothing quite like crisp white sheets to make a bedroom feel like a calm sanctuary you can unwind in. Indeed, it’s no coincidence that hotels generally stick to white sheets for that luxurious feeling. Plus, white sheets go with absolutely all colour schemes so it’s a fail-safe option for bedding. However, white is notoriously difficult to keep clean and as crisp as the day they were purchased. But fear not, as bedding experts at Beds on Legs have shared some nifty tricks to solve common bedding woes and keep white sheets looking as white as possible.

While bleach is typically thought of as the number one way to whiten and remove stains from laundry, it is often the worst.

The experts said: “Whilst it might be tempting to bleach your sheets to restore their glory, it’s actually counterproductive. 

“This is because bleach can actually cause fabrics to deteriorate and can turn bed sheets yellow.”

As “bleach is off limits” there are other “household products” that can help to keep white sheets white.

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1. Baking soda 

Many rely on chlorine bleach to brighten their sheets, but there are actually more effective ways to keep sheets looking white and fresh.

One common method involves adding about half a cup of baking soda to laundry detergent before each load. Baking soda strengthens the detergent and also helps control and eliminate odour.

The experts said: “This household cupboard essential has natural abilities to instantly whiten laundry. To use it in your washing just add half a cup to your normal detergent and watch the magic happen.”

As baking soda often has a tendency to make laundry a little stiff, households can combine it with a little white vinegar to keep the sheets soft.

3. Lemon juice 

Like white vinegar and baking soda, lemon juice has whitening and odour-controlling properties that make it very effective for cleaning sheets. 

The experts said: “Not just for eating, lemon has natural bleaching abilities without any drawbacks. This is thanks to the citric acid of the lemon.”

Use one to two cups of lemon juice for the “best results” and pour it directly in the washing machine at the beginning of the cycle.

Alternatively, households can decide to soak their linens overnight in hot water with half a cup of lemon juice.

Aside from using these methods to whiten bed sheets, to keep them white on their own, make sure bedding is washed severally from the rest of the laundry.

The experts said: “The number one rule that you should stick to when washing is separating your bedding from the rest of your washing. This means always washing your bedding in a separate load. Even if something is off-white and it sneaks into your wash then you run the risk of discolouration.”

Furthermore, don’t overload a washing machine with all the bedding at once. Households need to allow their detergents enough space to circulate around the bedding. 

The cleaning experts said: “We find the best way to do this is by putting your duvet cover on one wash and the rest of your bedding on a second wash.”