All You Need to Know About Solar Panels in Oklahoma

Oklahoma ranks among the top 10 states for peak sunlight, averaging 5.59 hours, ahead of sunny California. This makes the Sooner State an excellent place to choose solar power. While solar costs are decreasing, electricity rates have risen 27% in Oklahoma since 2021. 

Based on August 2022 data from the Energy Information Administration, the average electricity bill in Oklahoma is $155.77 a month, while the average monthly solar loan bill is $77.70. Oklahoma residents could save up to $937 in yearly energy costs. 

If you get a solar system that covers your home’s energy needs, once you’ve paid the system off, you could save nearly $1,900 yearly in energy costs. 

Oklahoma solar panel costs

The cost of solar panels for your home varies based on energy needs, installation costs, potential roof repairs and other factors. Additional equipment, such as solar batteries, also increases the total price. Despite the cost, there are perks and incentives to choosing solar energy in Oklahoma, including:

  • 30% tax credit from the federal government for solar purchases
  • Net metering program that can decrease your electricity bill
  • Variety of local and national solar panel company options

The following data for solar panel costs and system sizes in Oklahoma is based on information from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and

Compare solar panel cost and size in Oklahoma

System size (kW) Total cost
High $35,910
Middle $27,930
Low $19,950

Oklahoma vs. the whole US

System size (kW) Price per watt Total cost
Oklahoma $3.99 $27,930
Nationwide 6.48  $3.82 $24,742

Solar financing options for Oklahoma residents

The following are payment options to consider when purchasing a solar system. Each payment method comes with benefits and drawbacks. Take time to evaluate which option is best for your budget. 

  • Cash: No interest fees, but you must pay the total cost upfront
  • Solar loans: Pay over time but may accrue interest
  • Solar lease: Monthly payments, do not own system, not eligible for most incentives
  • Power Purchase Agreement: Little or no upfront costs or maintenance, do not qualify for tax incentives

Cash and solar loans are the most beneficial options for homeowners who want a larger return on investment and to take advantage of tax incentives and rebates. Solar leases and PPAs benefit those who want to avoid having high upfront costs or may not qualify for solar loans. 

Solar panel incentives and rebates in Oklahoma

Homeowners in Oklahoma looking to install solar panels can benefit from the federal tax credit and the state’s net metering program. The Residential Clean Energy Credit is a 30% tax credit from the federal government for solar systems purchased from the beginning of 2022 through 2032. This tax credit could save Oklahoma residents $8,379 on a 7-kilowatt system. 

Oklahoma is one of 38 states offering net metering programs for solar owners to receive credits for sending excess energy generated by their solar panels back to the energy grid. The credits are helpful during times of the year when days are less sunny, such as the winter months, when solar panels generate less energy. 

Oklahoma solar panel companies

Choosing a solar panel installer is a difficult task requiring time and planning. We make the process simpler by doing the research for you. Here are five solar panel companies available in Oklahoma, including some we’ve listed among the best solar companies based on product offerings, price and more.

ADT Solar

Formerly known as Sunpro Solar, ADT Solar is headquartered in Florida and operates in 23 US states, including Oklahoma. The company offers high-quality monocrystalline solar panels and name-brand solar batteries, including the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase IQ batteries. Its products come with a 25-year warranty for panel production and quality of work. In addition, the company offers a price protection guarantee: If you get a lower quote from another company for the same products and benefits, ADT Solar will refund the difference.

Okie Solar

Since 2012, Okie Solar has provided solar services to Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. The family-owned company starts its process with a free consultation where a solar advisor surveys your home to evaluate energy needs and discuss financial benefits. The company installs top products, including brands like Mission Solar and SolarEdge, backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty. Okie Solar’s goal is to help you choose solar energy with confidence and support. 

Radical Solar

Radical Solar, founded by solar installers and located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, aims to provide honest pricing and educate customers about the benefits of solar energy. The company works with your budget, providing solar installations for $2.30-$3.15 per watt. Though Radical Solar is a relatively new company, founded in 2019, it is a Tesla Certified Installer and professionally certified to install solar panels.

Solar Power of Oklahoma

As a full-service company, Solar Power of Oklahoma provides service from consultation through installation. The company installs products, including the Tesla Powerwall (with a 10-year warranty) and Q Cell solar panels (with a 25-year manufacturer warranty). Solar Power of Oklahoma has installed over 100,000 solar panels and was named the No. 1 Ranked Solar Contractor in Oklahoma by Solar Power World in 2019, 2020 and 2021. 


SunPower is a national solar company, headquartered in California, providing highly efficient Maxeon solar panels with a 25-year warranty. SunPower was founded in 1985 and manufactures some of its products, like the SunVault solar battery. SunPower’s name-brand products come with a higher price tag than most competitors, but its warranty guarantees the solar panels will produce at 92% capacity after 25 years. Other manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty but only guarantee production at 85%. 

Installation factors to examine

There are many factors to consider when investing in solar energy. Take time to investigate the following about solar installation and ownership before deciding. 

Factor Details
Insurance Contact your home insurance agency. Find out if solar panels need to be added to your policy and how they will affect your coverage.
HOA rules Check your HOA or other neighborhood association rules regarding solar panels. They may have specific requirements for placement.
Location Solar panels are most efficient with direct sunlight. While solar panels can generate electricity in shaded areas, constant shading is not favorable.
Rent or own Renters are often prohibited from making many changes to the property but can inquire with the landlord about installing solar. Renters may be eligible for community solar subscriptions, such as Arcadia, to power their homes with solar energy.
Roof condition Your roof may need repair before solar panel installation. Solar installers should inspect if maintenance is required during a roof examination or consultation.

Oklahoma solar power FAQs

Does Oklahoma have a solar tax credit?

Yes and no. Oklahoma residents are eligible for the federal Clean Energy Credit for a 30% tax credit towards purchasing a solar system. But Oklahoma does not currently have a state incentive or rebate program specifically for solar energy. 

How much do solar panels cost in Oklahoma?

The cost of solar panels in Oklahoma ranges from $19,950 to $35,910 before applying for the federal solar tax credit. The total price depends on several factors, including system size, roof repairs, location and additional equipment. 

How do I choose a solar installer in Oklahoma?

With so many solar companies in Oklahoma to choose from, try to review your options and receive multiple quotes before making a final decision. In addition to the solar installers listed, check out CNET’s picks for other top solar companies.