Kate's ‘upped her hug-rate’ but doesn’t want to fall foul of Diana’s mistake expert claims

“There is also the problem that Meghan might not have been aware of: as Diana found out, once you are known as a royal who hugs everyone will want or expect a hug and this can cut into time on visits and walkabouts,” she suggested.

“Kate’s new approach to hugging looks enthusiastic and it involves a change of ritual depending on who she is meeting.

“It might look a little awkward but so do most public hugs with people you might not have seen for a long time or people you are meeting for the first time.

“When Kate hugs her old teacher in Cornwall her delight is obvious,” Judi notes. “This is a two-arm hug with one. round his neck and torso closeness. Her eyes look down, their heads are pressed close and her smile looks congruent.

source: express.co.uk