Anthony Hopkins' look in Freud's Last Session unveiled – FIRST LOOK

Anthony Hopkins is taking on the real-life role of psychiatrist Sigmund Freud in a new drama from Sony Picture. The movie, Freud’s Last Session, follows the famed neurologist sitting down with CS Lewis to debate God, faith, and the hidden depths of their lives. Hopkins was pictured in Ireland alongside co-star Matthew Goode, who is playing the aforementioned author.

Hopkins could be seen wearing a thick wool coat as well as Freud’s signature round spectacles and trilby hat.

After spotting the photographer, the Hannibal Lecter actor doffed his cap at his audience.

He could be seen alongside Goode, who is taking on the monumental role of Lewis, who is best known for penning The Chronicles of Narnia series.

The pair of British actors could be seen carrying out their scene while walking into a church, while carrying gas masks in their hands.

The upcoming film is based on the 2010 Mark St Germain play of the same name, which has hit stages around the world, including Off Broadway.

The synopsis for Freud’s Last Session reads: “On the eve of the Second World War and the end of his life, Sigmund Freud (Hopkins) invites iconic author CS Lewis for a debate over the existence of God. Innovatively, the film explores Freud’s unique relationship with his lesbian daughter Anna, and Lewis’ unconventional romance with his best friend’s mother.”

It adds: “Freud’s Last Session interweaves past, present and fantasy, bursting from the confines of Freud’s study on a dynamic journey.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of this story is the diametrically opposed views held by the two men.

Freud was a man of science, who argued that there was no point in thinking about why we, as humans, are here or what our purpose is.

Lewis, on the other hand, was an extremely creative man who was also a devout Christian. He believed all things came from his God, so the two intellectuals’ debates were no doubt extremely heated.

Freud’s Last Session does not yet have a release date.