Four ‘dangerous’ items to ‘never’ add to your compost heaps as it ‘will attract rodents’

3. Pet faeces or cat litter  

It may seem logical for households to dump their pet’s faeces into a compost because it can decompose, but this is a “big no-no”, warned Samantha.

She said: “Dog and cat excrement can make your compost heap dangerous. Although the poop will eventually break down, it will become a hotspot for bacteria, germs and viruses and it can contain pathogens that cause human diseases.”

In particular, cat faeces and cat litter pose an even greater risk because they carry the organism that causes toxoplasmosis — a  disease that can affect pregnant women, and seriously harm an unborn child. Always dispose of pet poop in a designated bag, and straight into a bin.

The expert added: “If your compost pile is in your garden and you have young children roaming around, bear this in mind as you need to be sure that there is nothing harmful in your compost heap which kids can get their hands on.”