The grand ruby ring that Queen Camilla will wear at the Coronation – first worn in 1831

Sword of Offering

The 1820-made Sword of Offering includes a steel blade with gold mounting and gems set in the shapes of a rose, a thistle, a shamrock, oak leaves, acorns, and lion heads.


It is believed that the two Armills, which are bracelets composed of gold, champlevé, and basse-taille enamel and lined in velvet, are related to historic emblems of knighthood and military command.

Sovereign’s Orb

This is a representation of the Sovereign’s authority and a symbol of the Christian world. It was created from gold in the 17th century.

It is divided into three pieces for each of the three known continents during the mediaeval era. Each area is bordered by a band of jewels.